Tuesday, July 17, 2012

sweatin b'z

any of you lovelies who are in the GTA right now know
what i'm talking about.
it's Fu*kkkkkkkkkking hot.
this summer has set record breaking highs.
being terrified of the sun, i go through gallons of sunscreen
when i'm forced to do the unthinkable and go outdoors on a day like today.
but seeing as the sun always wins, and watching my skin
get burnt to ruins, i took the advice of a very wise man and
tried yesterday "to do as the desert people do. cover up."

wearing a full length dress, a long sleeved shawl, and a big floppy hat 
complete with oversized sunnies, i was fully prepared for my two hour 
outdoor adventure through the woods to find costume props. 

my treasure hunting companion, who was looking smoking hot (no pun intended)
in a bikini top and pretty skirt, was quite amused with my get up. 
 i didn't necessarily notice too much of a difference heat wise, seeing as the materials 
i was wearing were pretty light.
 however, in appearance i seemingly aged 57 years.

in conclusion to a long dragged out 
"who wore what when on wtf temperatured day"
the best outfit one can wear is an outfit chosen with freewill. 

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