Monday, July 16, 2012

back baby, baby back

hello lovelies, 

it's been quite a while, but i couldn't resist coming back any longer. 

while away, i attempted to channel my darker side.

aka, trying to drown myself in my sorrows.

however, this didn't work as planned.
which i suppose is probably for the best.
life changed for the *bester*

and i'm not going to be one who doesn't fully appreciate 
every moment of it.

so i'll say goodbye to my own funeral,
and come back to what i know and love best.

being against the grain.

i wish i could tell you a fanciful story of the past few months adventures. 

fully equipped with magical forest trips,
weekends in paris,

 (do country train rides count?)

 lounging at exotic seasides during the week,

or being a massive stud and biking across country, 

(ughhhh, getting there!)

but i've just been existing,
and living.

sounds cheesy i know, but

beating a 3 year old at croquet just doesn't cut it 
day after day. 


did you miss me?