Tuesday, April 5, 2011

country nights

so i've yet again managed to escape the city pressures and come back to the country for a few days. it's always such a strange but reassuring thing when coming home. literally, nothing ever changes here which is kind of creepy because it's like they're stuck in some kind of time stilling vortex. but it's also kind of a good thing because the world around you changes so much and it's nice to come back to a place of comfort (grilled cheesy)

my little sister just got back from a season in whistler and coming home this time with her i've passed the torch on being "the prodigal son." with all her money spent with a hefty helping from the parents, sick and basically homeless looking, it's funny to be on the other side of the spectrum of this situation. but the parents welcomed her back with open arms, went out and bought the best roast for dinner and are nursing her back to complete health. (true to story form every time.)

however, while being out here it's made me realize how much i want to get out of toronto so i think in september i'll take off again. BUT WHERE THOUGH? was thinking sydney, london, paris, milan or ibiza? I guess the debate is really between aus or eu. any suggestions? all i know is that i need to go into hiding and i need that prodigal son title back.

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