Monday, March 28, 2011

Normal is Relative

A post on the sartorialist caught my eye today, I believe it's worth checking out. Scott Schuman inspired heated discussion in the comment section of this post after describing the woman above as curvy. Many argued 'normal' should have been used as a description instead. I love it when people can get involved in a discussion about body size, labels and the diverse understandings each person holds about the world. Political correctedness can, at times, hinder the ability to speak freely. It's a beautiful thing when open, honest conversations can happen about issues or topics of a personal nature.
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  1. I love the heals in this picture! They're amazing.
    Sartorialist is really an amazing blog! xx

  2. there is no way that woman is 'curvy' ... that's just getting ridiculous!
    I just found your blog, it's pretty awesome! :) xo

  3. She's gorgeous and I like her body.

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