Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lots of Love

Quite the day, today, this day, folks....and it's only 2:00pm.
Started out with a very long marathon between my finger and the snooze button. Got a little out of control and ran out the apartment already late for class. The subway was on serious delay southbound from Yonge so I took the initiative to get to class on foot. This would have been fine had I not already been running so late. And I had an assignment to print off before class.
I went to this cool new computer lab I heard about where arts students print paper for free-perfect! Turns out a class was going on in there, however I didn't find out until I was already hitting the print button as the professor was starting their lecture. I could have snuck out, no harm done, however the printer was at the front of the classroom, involving me darting around awkwardly behind, in front and around the lecturer.
I run out of the classroom, eager to leave that little episode behind me when I look at the assignment in my hand and realize I forgot the cover page on the printer. There was absolutely no way I was running back in there to repeat my little offensive, awkward dance so I grabbed my pen and made a really terrible little cover page of lined paper....hideous.
I stopped off at the library to staple the little monster of an assignment and jammed the stapler.
At this point, let me remind you, I was already running about a half hour late. After requesting some un-jamming services of the friendly librarian I was off to lecture. However, having missed the last three weeks of this class, I had trouble finding the right classroom.
Walking into lecture, 45 minutes late and breathless I took the first seat I could find and asked my neighbor what the protocol was for handing in our assignment. "Oh, cool, you mean we don't need a hard copy? Oh, right, of course I submitted it to turnitin.com........"
On the bright side, my professor is pretty attractive and we watched quite a few funny videos. It's beautiful outside, I'm going for a delicious dinner celebrating a great friend tonight, I've safely submitted said assignment and I had the exact change for a coffee during break. Oh, and due to the subway dealy, I snapped a pretty sick photo of yonge street this morning and if I had my USB cord I would totally share it with you.
So, following, here's one of the videos that helped me recover from what could have been a bad day:

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