Monday, March 8, 2010

Back in Blog

I'm pretty terrible at staying committed to any one thing: types of cereals, favorite fruits, television shows...usually I just stop caring and move on to the next.

Today this all changes!
This marks the significant day that I:Amye Parker, and Her:Marie Powell have started a commitment to each other that has been a long time in the brewing.

But this ain't just any old blog! This is a place for memories, reminders, inspirations, stories and ridiculousness. I'm attempting to keep borrowed photos to a minimum and instead will try to convey every tiny detail from my everyday life.

I get a little awkward posting random minutia about myself but, gawd, everyone's doing it! And I think it makes this whole thing a bit more personal and entertaining....yeah, definitely entertaining. With stories like earring-swallowing and face licking, there is nothing BUT entertainment coming up.

So to mark an occasion, a truly remarkable time in history, please allow me to make the first post of many. Baby, I will not let you down.

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