Saturday, February 16, 2013

fan mail

I'm not usually one to do this but I'm going 13-year-old-girl-one-direction-fan ALL OVER this post.

I'm currently out of the city and visiting with my parents for a week. Naturally one of the first things I do is hit up the local Salvation Army in which I find an outfit made from my sick dreams, that could do nothing more than appall the rest of the world, ESPECIALLY the residents of Mitchell, ON.

Thoroughly pleased with my find and in order to get fashion validation I post it on the one and only Instagram, erm which I'm definitely deleting soon, and #manrepeller.

Just a few weeks ago at Flare one of the former interns was talking about how a new girl didn't know what manrepeller was and with the obvious confusion in my face she got out of me that I too did not know. BUT! BUT,BUT,BUT.. firstly, I am in no way an unintelligent person although I do admit that if I do not have a morning coffee I may be consistently out to space until I receive the first drip of that sweet, delicious magic drink. So, that morning when I was a deer in headlights to a question that would make people wonder why I was even at the magazine I can honestly say I thought she was asking me if I had ever heard of "zmen replla." It didn't make sense, and I couldn't hear her properly so I just assumed it was some foreign blog that of course I wasn't cool enough to know about. Anyways, Leandra Medine is my giiiiirl and man repeller is a very inspirational and relatable blog to me. I've always felt most attractive in pants, and I'd choose a perfectly tailored flamboyantly patterned suit over a dress, and my idea of dressing up a lot of the time is putting on a bowtie (blah, who cares.)

Point of Story- My manrepelling head-to-toe Mitchell Salvation Army find got a like from the manrepeller herself xo

and I felt honoured,
 and awkwardly attractive in my second hand skins. 

soooooooooo, Leandra let's hang out?


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