Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hailesy Time

Hi, it hailed here today!!! What the funk? My roomie's dog is terrified of rain and storms because she survived Hurricane Katrina so she was just losing it all over, shaking so bad, I felt sorry for the little dude. Yup, weather is crazy here as always and I can't believe I'll be back so soon-less than two weeks! I'm so excited to see you, m'dear, and have an entire summer rehash session. I'm craving me some mj lovin...

Life here is fun, beautiful walks in nose hill park and i impulsively puta  feather in my hair when I got my hair done last weekend. Yup, lasted about 2 days before I was getting Dale at work to pull it out with pliers. It was so poke-y, not all that comfortable and was awkward to shampoo with.

Anywho, had a lovely birthday, caught dinner with some friends. I can't believe I'm in teh 23 club...I feel so old! But, I do love birthdays because they give me the perfect opportunity to make some new goals. One of which is definitely a higher commitment to this blog. Fokk, I'm always just drinking haha and for the last week my laptop charger wouldn't work.......ahhhh, enough excuses. just shameful whining. No ifs ands or buts, I'm going into this ballsdeep.

I love you sweetpea and can't wait to see you. Skype session pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase??? With a cherry on top....I really want to talk to you and I hate that you don't have a phone, grrrrrrrr. I'm gone for the weekend but back on Monday, can we skype that night maybe? I do miss your gorgeous, giraffe-y self.


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