Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello Beautiful

Hello to you and you and even you back there!
Another Sunday, the last bit of a weekend being drenched out while I try to enjoy the sunshine regardless of a raging hangover. Got too wasted last night, as per usual, luckily my body is smart enough to put myself ina  cab and go home when I'm too far gone. Gotta love it. I had a hangover-induced panic attack after brunch and had to get off the bus, dragging Trina with me so I could lay on the ground and whimper pathetically. Luckily round two on public transit was a lot more successful and, contrary to my original fears, I have not vomited at all-HUGE accomplishment haha.
Love you and miss you dearly, all I wanted today was a movie day with MJP, my ultimate MVP and VIP, partner in crime and fellow evil mastermind. That's YOU, you lovely girl!
I'm off to watch True Blood, the highlight of my week, every week. Beyond ecstatic that Joe Manganiello (spelling....?) has been brought back in all his sexy werewolf glory. That is a man I could look at for all eternity while drooling endlessly. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabe.

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