Monday, July 11, 2011

Dreams and other melancholic topics

My dreams are lately filled with time travelling fantasy trips into the future and back to the past, not memories so much as just alternate realities and people telling me it's the future or past. Finally, I 'dream dictionary-ed' it and, lo and behold, my subconscious appears to be supremely intune with my current reality. Here's what I found on "dream moods" (legit, obviously....)

To dream about time travel, indicates your wish to escape from your present reality. You want to go back into the past or jump forward to the future to a period where your hopes are realized. This dream also represents your romantic tendency and or your desire to romanticize everything.

This is just too much, in the face of my constant dissatisfaction and loneliness. I can't find the source of my unhappiness, I imagine it's a mixture of coming back to a city that no longer looks or feels the same. Or my failure to adjust to a city so inferior to Toronto, in all possible ways. I've changed, everybody's changed, nothing stays the same.........hahahahah so dramatic! I'm sorry, you're catching me at a low moment.

On that note, off I go to be a melancholic drama queen.

P.S. I strongly require a skype date with my darling MJ as soon as humanly possible. Love you long time.

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