Tuesday, June 14, 2011


so recently my workplace celebrated it's 10th year anniversary.

complete with a beautiful guestlist, delicious orderves, open bar,

a free scooter give away, and an appearance by the one and only

kelly cutrone, you could say i was in heaven.

when hearing ms cutrone was present i ran from my coworkers

apartment (in 6 inch heels mind you) only to see that dave b

wasn't pulling our leg.

however I was so star struck because of how much of an inspirational

and powerful woman she is that i just snuck peaks at her from a far

because i had no idea what i would say to her.

then as i was outside having a cigarette trying to put together a sentence

to say to her that would not make me seem like the lamest person in the world,

she walked out to get into a car to leave.

i just stood there like a deer in headlights.

then for some bizzare reason (maybe she thought i was

handicap) she came up to me.

we chatted for a minute about life and then she told me

that someday i'd be more successful than her.

i've never been big on celebrities, excluding the backstreet boys (don’t judge me),

but i'll probably remember that moment for the

rest of my life.

well until i'm working for her then she'll be able to tell me nice things like that all the time.

here's some pictures from the party compliments of rockitpromo@flickr

the handsome men of Motoretta.

beautiful party goers:

myself, Clyde Grey, and the lovely ms Diandra Scopel.

Kelly Cutrone and guest.

Brandon McLaren (far right) aka Toby from She's the man.
SUCH a guilty pleasure film

Royal Enfield

for more check out:





and if you haven't read "if you have to cry, go outside" please do,

it will inspire you/change your life and that i guarantee.

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