Monday, June 20, 2011

A Lot Many Things I Like About You

omg, i miss you a lot many minutes of every single day! I've started my mon-fri job at a wallpaper showroom, acting as receptionist/customer service rep/design assistant/wallpaper connaisseur and it's crazy but really cool too. And EYE-OPENING! Who knew there are so many different widths, weights, patterns and brands of WALLPAPER??? I've already picked out patterns for my future house.
I'm working there through the temp agency and I'm covering a woman who's going to India for six weeks. She is really funny and sweet, and has the thickest indian accent and the catchiest english-as-a-second-language phrases. 'A lot many' is something she uses when I think she's trying to say 'many' or 'a lot'. Today she was telling me about her 'urine infection' and that she had to go to the doctor today or else 'i be sufferer'. I'm going to really miss her when she leaves next week, she and I go for impromptu shopping trips after work and lunch breaks together. She's probably my most favorite person there, which is twisted as she is the one I'm "replacing" so to speak.
Anywho, my life is in a strange space right now, all mon-fri 9-5s, no partying and non-stop serving on the weekends. Mad tips but no social life, I'm trying to find a happy balance.
All I do know right now is I miss you miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillions! I want to skype your face off, til my heart hurts, and our throats are hoarse. I love you and really hope things are epic on your end.
ps. super digging the posts, keep them coming!!!!

And now, some of my more favorite patterns from work:

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  1. you can wallpaper my room aaaannnyyydddaaaayyyy