Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Head in the Clouds

Heya, friendos!
I have been up to way too much debauchery and not enough working but I'm digging it all the same. Back in Calgs, the flight was incredible and clear, allowing for many cloud-y shot. After a couple days getting 'aclimatized' (spelling ??) T-dawg and I hit up Kelowna and what a trip that was!! Soooo beautiful, insanely beautiful actually. BC represents the best of both Alberta (mountains) and Ontario (beaches), why didn't I catch onto this sooner????
Anywho, gotta run and scrounge something to eat. Not working really does a number on your food supply.....eek!
Love you loooooooooooooooong time


  1. I've always loved taking pictures from planes:)
    Nice shots.

  2. ♥ ♥ Great blog.
    Amazing picture:)
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