Tuesday, March 22, 2011


to our beautiful followers,

the experiment is up! it's been a full year since we started this blog. my reasoning for backing it if you don't quite remember was suggested by a special somebody I talk to that thought it would be a good task to have me get over some commitment issues. but although i did commit for the year it obviously wasn't fully, because i only "managed" to post once in a blue moon. but i do think i should get a little bit of credit for that. : S

now the question is to continue or to not? still unsure how i feel about the whole blogging thing, thinking it's super lame one second and then being all for it, my mind is never made up. but that's the story of maaaaa life.

however, because my sugar bee ms amye is leaving us for an exchange, i think keeping the blog up is an excellent idea.

but why not spice it up a bit???????

watch out peops because things are about to GET PERSONAL.

that is all for now.
all my love,


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