Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reasons Why my Workplace Rocks

1) They feed me....really awesome things too like pizza, steamed veggies, pasta, salads, fruit
2) I can walk around without shoes on and everyone just thinks it's "cute" not offensive
3) I am situated in a corner with internet access and very low surveillance....hello facebook
4) Sometimes I get hugs, never drugs, but hugs are pretty cool.
5) I only work with women so there's a lot of giggling, chocolate and...hugs.
6) I don't work with any men so sexual harassment is very rare....well, except for the lesbian I worked with last year who frequently ogled my goodies. But she was pretty nice.
7) Sometimes I get presents just for doing my job. Case in point: I received a box of chocolates for helping someone out (ie. for doing my job.)
8) Sometimes I sit in as secretary and it makes me feel powerful. Ego boosts all around.
9) There's a kitchen with a kettle which allows me inordinate ammounts of time to make tea, fill up water bottle, peruse fridge freebies, contemplate life.
10) I can update my blog!

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