Saturday, June 26, 2010

Last night's makeup and pockets that will eat your hands

A really bad version of the whole 'hard-to-get' play happened last night. After beating this guy up on the dance floor and blatantly forgetting his name, (resulting in him pouting and making a big deal out of it) he still wanted my number. I saved it under my name but then told it I saved it under in my favorite cheese. I don't even eat cheese. And now he'll never find my number and he'll think I'm a bitch and I'll never get to beat him up again *tear.
At least the evening resulted in a 3am falafel... my second favorite food group.
AND schawarma flame was playing Pulp Fiction which made for some fun after-bar entertainment. It's really easy to amuse me....just show me a tv. I actually get the whole 'whooooooooooooa, this is what i'm missing' eyes glued to the screen and everything. "How to Amuse Poor People"

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  1. why did i just read this again and still laugh the same amount..